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In the scenery of the approaching water shortage and vitality security, Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority has as of late set out after actualizing different multipurpose water and hydropower ventures. These incorporate Mohmand Dam, Dasu Dam and Hydropower and Diamer-Basha Dam projects.

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Radio news magazines are like TV news magazines. In contrast to radio broadcasts, which are commonly around five minutes long, radio news magazines can run from 30 minutes to three hours or more.

TV news magazines offer a comparative support to print news magazines, yet their accounts are introduced as short TV narratives instead of composed articles. These communicates fill in as an option in covering certain issues more inside and out than ordinary reports. The recipe, first settled by Panorama on the BBC in 1953 has demonstrated effective around the globe. TV news magazines give a few stories not seen on standard reports, including VIP profiles, inclusion of huge organizations, concealed camera methods, better global inclusion, uncovering and adjusting treacheries, inside and out inclusion of a feature story, and hotly debated issue interviews.


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