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Download My Summer Car MOD And Guide For PC [UPDATED 2020]

Download&Install My Summer Car Hacks [Esp+Aimbot]

MY SUMMER CAR is a definitive vehicle possessing, building, fixing, tuning, support, AND permadeath life endurance test system. You start the game with several free parts and amass both vehicle and motor. You have to keep up your vehicle, however, yourself also. Wieners, lager, and resting will do fine and dandy.

Download My Summer Car MOD And Guide For PC [UPDATED 2020] Can I Run It

In the case of everything works out in a good way, you have a working vehicle that you can use for different 1990’s Finnish field summer exercises. Essentially doing inept things under the impact of liquor. After you have accumulated additional cash from different arbitrary employments, you can begin to tune and redesign the vehicle with parts requested by means of snail mail. You can transform the vehicle into an offensive bass-blast disco machine or then again into a convention vehicle to partake rally rivalries… or on the other hand simply fix it into impeccable processing plant condition. Obviously vehicle likewise needs to pass the assessment or you may stumble into difficulty with police.

Buy My Summer Car

you can buy this game on steam for 14.99 USD

My Summer Car System Requirements For PC

  • OS: 64bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: +3 GHz dual-core processor
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
  • Additional Notes: High CPU single-core performance required

My Summer Car Gameplay

My Summer Car trailer

My Summer Car Tips and Tricks

My Summer Car is a definitive vehicle claiming, building, fixing, tuning, support, AND permadeath life endurance test system. You start the game with several free parts and gather both vehicle and motor.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

An assortment of tips and deceives on each part of the game that everybody should know.

The accompanying stunts are an assortment of tips that I have gathered from everywhere throughout the web, these are tips that each player should know.


An assortment of tips and deceives for the vehicles in the game.


  • On the off chance that a vehicle falls under the guide, it will return at its unique area, this doesn’t make a difference to a vehicle in the event that it is just stuck
  • jerry jars can be utilized to refuel vehicles that are vacant, just press f on the top to open them.
  • The Satsuma is the main vehicle that can take mimicked harm, the entirety of different vehicles either take restorative harm or essentially no harm by any stretch of the imagination. Barring the Van, which can have it’s windshield broken

Sewage truck (Gifu)

  • takes diesel
  • In the event that you can’t angle the hose out of the cesspit gradually drive the truck forward and
  • at that point get the hose
  • In the event that you do free the hose, it will show up at the garbage tip close to the landing strip
  • on the off chance that you would like to tow another vehicle the sewage truck with the back axel brought down is the best alternative
  • It is conceivable to rest on the back seat

Tractor and Trailer (Kekmet)

  • 52 logs are expected to totally top off the trailer
  • there is no set standard for measure of kindling required for the customer to pay, as long as you have more than ~45 logs you ought to be acceptable.
  • the trailer can be joined by just turning around the tractor up to the trailer
  • Each time you spare or restart the game the trailer will detatch
  • Headings to the house that needs the wood is as followed: Drive down the first street of house > left at the t intersection > left at the crossing point > the second house on the privilege requires wood
  • Guidelines for emptying kindling: > lower door at the back of trailer > handbrake > under tractor seat to one side is the switch for the back hydraulics > use hand quickening agent or press and hold w to lift trailer > once done basically press the back hydraulics leaver again and as you drive away the trailer will bring down naturally

American Muscle Car (Ferndale)

  • takes petroleum
  • can be taken at whenever
  • Fleetari (specialist) will ring you up on the off chance that you don’t restore the Ferndale for a couple of days, undermining you to bring it back. In the event that you decide not to return it, Fleetari will “dump” your vehicle into the bog territory close to his shop
  • fuel top is between backlights, behind number plate area
  • is programmed so there is no grip, on the off chance that you put the vehicle in drive it will gradually move forwards.
  • I would unequivocally recommend driving the Ferndale in second rigging when on earth, as except if you quill the throttle first apparatus just wheel turns on soil

Van (Hayosiko)

  • takes diesel
  • back wheel drive
  • crushed windscreen can be fixed at specialist
  • A couch found at the trash tip can be fit inside the back of the Hayosiko, this couch can be utilized to rest on


  • To enter driving mode, essentially walk onto the back seat of the vessel
  • never comes up short on gas The pontoon currently runs running on empty, it very well may be refueled by buying 2 stroke fuel at Teimo’s, the manner by which you realize the vessel is practically out of fuel is a puzzle
  • hold left snap-on harmony and move the mouse away from the motor to turn over
  • utilize the apparatus selector to change to turn around/impartial/drive
  • use motor slice to kill


  • takes petroleum
  • extremely sensitive, harmed without any problem
  • can be fixed at technician just as numerous different administrations
  • Can be redesigned with different parts from the magazine on the table close to the bed
  • in the event that a section falls through the guide go to the garbage site close to the runway to recover it
  • The back seats can be utilized as a spot to rest
  • evacuating portions of the Satsuma makes it quicker, helpful for a rally


  • Tips and deceives dependent on the player.
  • In the event that you bite the dust, you can basically “cheat” demise by alt+f4 MSC before the newspaper passing notification shows up, this will return you to your past spare

Player condition bars

  • Lack of sanitization can be brought down through swimming in the lake or utilizing the sauna
  • Lack of sanitization has no top, so your filth bar can infinitely continue rising
  • You can not bite the dust from Dirtiness
  • Neither food nor drinks should be kept in the ice chest, it’s only there for An E S T H E T I C
  • Craving can be drained by eating food, so far frankfurters are the best for bringing down yearning
  • For a nonmixed beverage purchase milk from the store
  • Drinking an excess of liquor will make your power outage and wake up close to your home, this implies it tends to be utilized as a compelling teleportation gadget when stuck someplace
  • Exhaustion can be brought down by resting in a bed, or by buying espresso from the bar
  • You can kick the bucket from pee, craving, and weakness

Cash, Jobs and Other People

  • Cash
  • The fundamental approaches to bring in cash is through purging cesspits and conveying kindling
  • Exhausting cess pits give you 1200
  • Conveying Firewood gives you 3200
  • Conveying destroyed vehicles to Fleetari (Mechanic) can yield 2000-4000mk, this should be possible with 3 wrecks


  • There are 2 sewage locales in Perajarvi (a place with the shop), 2 in Loppe (a place with repairman) and one on the soil street towards Lope
  • Kindling conveyance is on the earth street towards Loppe, you will see a person holding up
  • in the event that you do offer to give your alcoholic companion at the bar take his to the street towards Loppe, first house on the left
  • the 3 wrecks can be found in different spots, 1 of every a Forrest territory and 2 in horse shelters
  • the heavy hammer is expected to open the stables


  • There is a liquor keep an eye on the lower left of the guide on the principle street that can show up aimlessly, on the off chance that you don’t stop you will be pursued
  • At the point when you approach the stop to ensure you are beneath 100KPH (62MPH) other shrewd you will get a ticket
  • You can thump (?) over the cop with the liquor checker, this will cause police to pursue
  • Ensure you leave on the shoulder of the street in the light of the fact that the other NPC’s don’t stop and will crush into your vehicle or you
  • In the event that you do get pursued by the police, or neglect to pay a ticket. A ticket will show up on your kitchen counter with your fine
  • On the off chance that the fine is, at that point overlooked for a further scarcely any days, cops will go to your home with a capture warrant, you can not go out when they come. After this, you will be set within a jail cell
  • be cautious on the soil streets as an NPC vehicle hoards the entire street and drive quick
  • Things to Blow your Money on
  • Things to spend that well deserved to money on
  • Food and beverages at the store
  • distraught vehicle mods through the magazine alongside your bed
  • police tickets
  • The repairman shop, some of the time he will offer you half off
  • vehicle assessment


  • Fun stuff
  • Enjoy a reprieve in the sauna
  • do delays the landing strip and get your occasions
  • race around the landfill hills on the assembly course close to the airstrip
  • become REALLY inebriated

                                      DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
Download My Summer Car MOD And Guide For PC [UPDATED 2020] Can I Run It


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