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Select your Guardian and Sidekicks and afterward head into fight! Each has one of a kind powers that join to assist them with fighting through an unending crowd of beasts!

Challenge incredible Bosses and Monsters to protect the domain of EverWing! Collaborate with your companions in Boss Raids to demolish the most remarkable Bosses for much more noteworthy prizes.

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Everwing Game

In the game, clients are to overcome a great many beasts by shooting them utilizing a chose Guardian by hauling the chose Guardian left and right. Close by with the chose Guardian, clients can pick two mythical beast Sidekicks. Each finish of an area (level), clients need to battle against a Boss. The game is to be played with a client’s Facebook Messenger companions in a private discussion or a gathering visit.

Missions are objectives that the player ought to achieve. They can be Score Mission, Challenge Mission, or Tournament Mission. Score Mission has an objective to arrive at a specific score. Challenge Mission is testing another player from the player’s Facebook Friends to play EverWing and beat the player’s score. Competition Mission, then again, is beginning a Tournament to somebody or to a gathering. Missions come in 5 to 20 sections, once in a while even 30. Missions restart each week. Prizes are conceded in the wake of achieving all parts. Prizes can differ from a Golden Egg, or to a Legendary Egg, or even to another Guardian (for example Jade’s Quest Event). Achieving progressive pieces of the strategic streak rewards, trophies.



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